After answering why is NOW at the end of your ministry name; the second most popular question asked is "How was SERRMON (South East Road Racing Ministry Outreach - NOW) started?"

I jokingly respond that "I had to go to the bathroom".  After receiving a puzzling look from the person asking the question, I let them know that when I was going to the public restroom at the 2004 Rolex 24 hours of Daytona, I saw a flyer taped to the wall stating that there was a multi-denomination Chapel service being held in the infield on Sunday morning.  The Lord immediately moved on my heart and I knew that my wife and I needed to be there.   We had attended that race as spectators for almost 8 years straight, but this was the first time we had seen "the sign" and when God calls, we knew we had to act NOW.   

Stephen Zoeller, founder of Zoeller Motorsports Ministries, began to share his sermon that Sunday morning and quickly put it away.  He told all of the people in service that he had an awesome message prepared for us that morning, but for some reason God didn't want him to share that with us.  Instead Chaplain Zoeller began to share his testimony with us.  He talked about how he was injured in a racing incident at Road Atlanta, a race track where I used to road race motorcycles.  He went on to talk about how God called him to the ministry and combined his passion for racing and passion for working with children to use, glorifying God's kingdom.   Following that service, my wife and I were hooked.  We knew we had to get involved some how, some way. (continued below)

Over the next several months, my wife and I began to work as volunteers for ZMM, helping out in any way we could.  Chaplain Zoeller quickly took me under his wing and over a 16 month period, began mentoring me with regards to Raceway Ministry.  He was instrumental in teaching me the "ropes" , and never once became territorial or possesive.  He shared everything and actively promoted my wife and I to the racing community.  He truly did it with a servants heart. It is for his sincere unselfishness and desire to follow God's will for the ministry, that he enabled me to grow spiritually; eventually becoming an ordained minister and a raceway chaplain myself.  While the glory and credit ultimately always goes back to God, I am forever in Chaplain Zoellers debt for his mentoring, his friendship, his love, his support, and his eternal encouragement.

In 2007 and early 2008, the ministry began rapid growth.  Porsche Club of America (PCA) asked us to provide ministry services for their 48 hours at Sebring event, followed by the Historic Sports Car Racing organization (HSR) asking us to come on board as full time chaplains to support their series.  All of this coupled with our already heavy involvement of SCCA, PBOC, and assisting IRL racing in Florida and VIrginia, plus supporting Rolex racing at Daytona, prompted the need for additional support in the form of prayer and funding.  

With ZMM being based out of Fort Myers on the west coast of Florida, it was difficult for me to garner the support needed as I lived on the East coast of Florida....with so many worthwhile organizations competing for limited resources, it became more and more difficult to convince local churches why they should commit funding to a ministry of this type outside of the local area.  Hence the need to form SERRMON.  In 2008, my wife and I prayed about it and in following the Lords will for our lives, formed SERRMON as a ministry outreach of Zoeller Motorsports Ministries.