Our primary need from you today is PRAYER. We would ask you to pray for the continued success of this ministry as we continue to reach out to all of those involved within the racing community.

If you or someone you know are in need of prayer, please click on the Prayer Request button at the bottom left of your screen.  These requests are prayed over on a regular basis.

Have a "Victory Report" you would like to share? Has God done something awesome in your life? Use the Prayer Request button to submit your victory report.



2011 brings on an exciting new sponsorship program.  To learn more about this program, please click on the white "Financial Partners" button to your left.  Just as in racing, each level of sponsorship brings a varying level of reward. The requirements / highlights of the program are listed below. 

CORPORATE SPONSOR (One time donation of $3,500 or $300/month for 12 months)

TEAM OWNER   (One time donation of $2,000 or annual commitment of $150/month)

CREW CHIEF   (One time donation of $1,000 or annual commitment of $75/month)

CREW MEMBER   (One time donation of $500 or annual commitment of $20/month)

ONE TIME CONTRIBUTIONS (any amount is sincerely appreciated)

                             PLEASE SEE THE REWARDS FOR EACH LEVEL OF SPONSORSHIP by CLICKING ON THE "Financial Partners" button to your left or click HERE.

Note: SERRMON reserves the right to refuse sponshorship from companies, entities, people, etc... whose products may not conform to or enhance the moral values, spiritual beliefs, and overall image of the ministry.


In leiu of financial gifts (or in addition to), we encourage you to look and see if you may have some items laying around your office, your house, or your workshop that may be able to be put to use for the success of this ministry.

As a 501c3 organization, you will benefit from the tax advantages.  As a ministry, we will benefit from whatever items you are willing to donate.  Even items that we may not be able to use to perform our specific tasks can be auctioned on E-Bay and other sites to help raise the necessary funding.

May God speak to you as you seek the Lord in prayer for direction on how best to support this ministry, His ministry. 

Listed below are some of our more specific needs:

  • Airline Miles to assist with travel

  • Volunteer Webmaster to upate and modernize this website.

  • Larger PA sound system for supporting larger events ($1800)

  • Christian Music Karaoke CD's and CDG's ($20 each)

  • Vinyl wrap our existing ministry trailer to highlight the ministry and SERRMON. ($850)

  • Laptop computer for use while ministering on the road ($700)

  • Color printer for making brochures, flyers, and bulletins ($300)

  • EZ-Up portable shelter ($150 each)

  • Stackable or folding chairs to support outdoor ministry efforts ($15 each)

  • Portable tent to conduct chapel outside for larger groups

  • Open or enclosed car hauler trailer 
  • Racing Memorabilia that can be auctioned off or used as give aways
  • Bibles, tracts, handouts

  • Christian Books

  • ...just about anything else of value

    As a reminder, 100% of your donation is applied towards ministry expenses or our Kids Racing for Life program and is fully tax deductable.

Donations are not used to support any racing or race car related expenses. 

4) People Needs

Is God calling you to do more?

We are experiencing a mighty work of God and an incredible growth in raceway ministry work.  We have immediate needs for the following:

  • Chaplains (free training provided)

  • At Track Volunteers
    • Assist with set up / tear down
    • Assist with handing out tracts and bulletins
    • Photographers
    • Evangelists

  • Off Track Volunteers
    • Webmaster to modernize this site
    • Publish Newsletters 
    • Fundraising
    • Compile videos

  • Prayer Partners