Chaplain Training and Orientation Class

Do you have a passion for serving God?

Do you have a passion for motorsports?

Attend our FREE Chaplain training and orientation class and see if becoming a volunteer or a certified raceway ministry Chaplain is right for you.

The next session will be held at:

Christian Development Center

343 Nail Street

Palm Bay, FL 32907

go to for directions or use


TIME:  6:30 -7:00  Light Refreshments / Meet and Greet

           7:00pm - 8:30pm  Orientation Session


For more information, please contact me at (321) 368-3398 or e-mail me at


1)  Do I need to bring anything?

Just yourself. We will provide light refreshments, paper, pen's, and provide you with some literature to take home with you.

2) What is the cost?

The only cost for any of the training is your time.  There is no fee or "love" offering taken for any of the training. 

3) Why are you offering this for free?

This ministry is rapidly expanding and we truly NEED additional laborers to help bring in God's harvest.  Our mission is to train and equip evangelists to go out and minister to the needs of the motorsports community.  We are currently turning down several racing organizations looking for ministry presence at their events because we just do not have enough trained personnel.  Is God calling you?

4) Is there any contract or commitment or obligation?

Any commitment is strictly between you and God.  We understand that raceway ministry work is not for everyone.  There is no obligation to see it through although we are confident that once you start, God will open many doors and you will desire more.

5) Can I bring my children?

Childcare is provided during the orientation session.  For track events, children are also always welcome.  The racing organizations we serve are all family oriented and therefore children are always welcome.  I have 3 children myself, 2 girls 5 and 6, and a son who just turned 16 (pray for me !!!) and they love working for the Lord at the race track.

6) Are there any educational or seminary school requirements?

We believe that God qualifies the called.  If He has called you to ministry, then our philosphy is that if you are good enough for God, you are certainly good enough for us.  There are no requirements for previous ministry experience, seminary school, or other types of training.   The only requirement is a willing heart to serve God, and a firm belief that Jesus Christ is our Lord and Savior.

7) Is this ministry sponsored by or endorsed by a particular denomination?

No, we are a multi-denominational Christian organization that was created to bring God's word to the racing community.  We minister to the needs of Christians from all different denominations and to many that have never stepped a foot inside a regular church.

8) What can I expect to learn in this Orientation session?

We will talk about the following:

          - Why is there a need for raceway ministries?

          - What do raceway ministries do?

          - What is SERRMON and the National Fellowship of Raceway Ministries?

          - Is raceway ministry work right for me?

          - How can I be involved and what do I need to do next?

9) I am already a Pastor or have extensive ministry experience. Do I still need to attend?

Yes, we believe everyone will benefit from this orientation session. It will explain many things specific to raceway ministry and will outline the next steps to becoming an approved Chaplain or volunteer.

10) So what happens after I attend this session? What comes next?

If after the completion of this orientation class you feel that raceway ministry is right for you, then the next step is to complete and submit an application.  Once the application has been accepted, you will then be required to attend one additional classroom training session that will last approximately 4-6 hours. (again, all training is free).  Following the completion of the classroom session, those who are ready will start attending racing events and working with raceway ministry. 

A few words of caution....

Raceway ministry is not for everyone.....for those that think this will be a great  way to be at the racetrack, you will be disappointed.  In order to be effective in raceway ministry, there often is not much time available to watch the race.  Your commitment must be to the Lord and to the ministry, and you can not lose sight of why you are there.  It is easy to be lured away and seduced by the all the excitement the racing world has to offer, so your heart and mind need to be right with God.

Also, for those looking for an overnight Chaplain certification and just want another item to list on your resume, you will also be disappointed.  This is a serious is God's ministry and is not to be taken lightly. In order to perform the duties effectively, it takes time to build relationships.  It is a priveledge to perform ministry functions at the race track, not a right...and it is one that can easily be lost.  As a result, the training and mentoring program can not be rushed or hurried....there is no "fast track".

In closing, I am really excited about this orientation session and can't wait to see who answers God's calling to this exciting and dynamic ministry. 

Chaplain Mark A. Miller