I inititally hesitated putting this page on the website, however the Lord led me to Matthew 5:16.   

"Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works and glorify your Father which is in Heaven (KJV)".

Racing Season 2009

This was my second year racing the Formula Continental (F2000).  Although I had to stop racing partway through the season due to financial constraints, we still managed to win the Florida Region Championships and finished 5th in the Southeast.

All the glory goes to God.  Please pray for our continued safety and success as we enter the 2010 racing season.

Rookie Season 2008

  • Rookie of the Year
  • Florida Region Champion
  • Second Place in SARRC Championship (South Atlantic Road Racing Championships)

After serving for three years as a Raceway Chaplain, God blessed me by allowing me to also become a race car driver. This experience has helped the ministry grow even further by allowing me to better relate and interact with everyone involved in the "world" of racing.  As I explain to my fellow drivers, "If me being out on the track along side you isn't enough to get you into church, nothing will !!!"

Before each race, I pray...."Jesus, fill me with your Holy Spirit, take control of the wheel, and bring us home safe".   The results speak for themselves with 6 wins in our first 8 races, a championship victory in the Florida region, a 2nd place championship in the Southeast region, and the honor of "ROOKIE OF THE YEAR" as voted by my peers in the SCCA....all in our first season. 

God will bring VICTORY to YOUR life.

All you have to do is BELIEVE, RECEIVE, and ASK....

The Bible tells us that whatsoever ye shall ask, believing, ye shall receive.

Please note that no ministry donations are used to support the racing effort. 

100% of all donations received are applied towards ministry expenses only.