Listed below are all of the highlights from 2008 - Thank you for your prayers and support

December 2008

Dec 31      New Year's Eve

May God bless you and your family as we prepare to enter 2009.  I would ask you to help this great country return to it's priorities of God first, country second, family third, and self the past 20 years or more, we have somehow gotten it backwards......putting ourselves first, our families second, our country a distant third, and God way, way last.  We need to return to our roots.  The Bible tells us that if we humble ourselves before our Lord and pray for our nation, that God will hear our words and heal our land, and that is just what we need.  2009 will be a difficult year with thousands out of work, the stock market down nearly 50%, major companies nearing bankruptcy, a depression in sight, and a new President coming on board that definitely needs our prayers.  Please keep God first.......Happy New Year !!!

Dec 28       WKA - World Karting Association - Daytona International Speedway

This was the first WKA event we have attended as Chaplains and what an honor it was.  There were over 1,000 entries for this prestigious karting event.  Steve Zoeller and I provided two services on Sunday, and although the attendance was a little lower than we liked, we were very appreciative of the opportunity to bring God's word to that racing community.  As it turns out, Stephen Zoeller's brother, Brad Zoeller, is a 10 time world go-karting championship winner and won both of his races at Daytona with one being a photo finish.  God was certainly shining on him that weekend and we were proud to be a part of it.  We are excited about the opportunity to brings God's word to this racing series as well as we enter 2009. 

Dec 25        Merry Christmas !!!  Don't forget that Jesus is the "reason for the season"

Dec 12         Performance Racing Industry Trade Show (PRI) - Orlando, FL

This is the single largest trade show dedicated to the racing industry.  It was my third year attending and I must say that it is easy to get lost in all of the "things" that show has to offer.  They have all types of racing cars, racing equipment, trailers, motorhomes, etc.... on display.  Virtually anything you would ever need for any form of auto racing at the show.  It sure would be great to be able to put up a ministry display at that show for next season, so I would ask you to join me in prayer that God would provide the funding for us to be there next year.  Stephen Zoeller and I both attended the event, and made some great contacts.  We are believing in the Lord to continue to grow the ministry in 2009 through some of the contacts made at the show.  Please keep us in prayer.

Dec 4-7        HSR - Sebring International Raceway - Race Finale and Season Banquet

What a great weekend at Sebring.  The weather was perfect, we held two great church services, handled the invocations, and God was present throughout the event.  The banquet was well attended and overall we had a very successful weekend.  The car count was down just a little due to the economy, but for those who did attend, it was a real treat.  I had the pleasure of spending some time with Road Racing Champion Derek Bell and talking with him about the ministry and the Kids Racing for Life program.  For those of you who follow our "In the News" segment, you will recall that Justin Bell, Derek's son, was our guest of honor at the 10th annual Kids Racing for Life program in September of this year.   This weekend wraps up our first full season with HSR and we sincerely appreciate the invitation to come back next year as their series Chaplains.   

November 2008

Nov 22            SCCA Awards Banquest aboard the fabulous SS Catalina in Ft. Lauderdale. 

What a great location for a banquet.  Cruising the intercoastal waterway on board the ship while having dinner and socializing with fellow racers was a lot of fun.  My wife and I were there once again, representing our Lord by performing the invocation for the banquet, and later I was awarded the 1st place championship trophy for Formula Continental, 2nd place championship for P2 driving a BMW 325, and as a great surprise to me, my fellow racers and SCCA family members awarded me the "2008 Rookie of the Year" award.  It truly was a great night and I appreciate all of the prayers and support received during this past years rookie racing season.   I know I've said it many times before, but all the glory be to God.  With the economy the way it is, my "behind the wheel" racing endeavours for 2009 will be significantly less, however we will definitely be present at all events continuing to bring God's Word to the racing community. 


Nov 14/15       Opening weekend for the brand new Palm Beach International Raceway (formerly Moroso).  Although there is some work needed to provide places for spectators to see, the track was really nice and I enjoyed the new layout.   The chapel service was standing room only, Chaplain Steve Zoeller was back in full force and delivered an awesome message about the need for our nation to return to it's Christian roots, and I won both of my races......again, to God be the glory.    There were so many highlights from the weekend, it's hard to focus on just one.


Nov 7/8        2 weekends in a row at Daytona International Speedway.  What a blessing!!!  The Historical Sports Car Racing (HSR) guys had perfect weather, a great facility, and a lot of fun.  We held two church services that weekend, 1 Saturday night, and 1 Sunday at lunch with a good turnout for each, especially considering this is our first year as Chaplains for that series.  I delivered the message "P-Soup, the Recipe for Success" which was well received and in our country's current state, we all need to find ways to be more successful.  We also set up a display out front in the fan zone and raised some much needed money for the Kids Racing for Life program.  You should have seen all of the young kids faces light up when I told them they could sit in the race car....priceless. 


Nov 1/2        The PBOC event in Daytona was a huge success,  We had 15 people in service, despite the pouring rain. listening to a timely message on Voting - a Biblical principle instituted by God.   God only not instructs us to vote, he instructs us who to vote for.   For a transcript of the sermon, please send me an e-mail request.

One of the members donated to the ministry the drivers suit that Camel Lights GT championship driver, Chip Robinson wore when he won the 1987 Rolex 24 hours of Daytona driving with Al Holbert, Derek Bell, and Al Unser Jr.   What a blessing that was....too bad it doesn't fit me....(just kidding).   All proceeds from this one of a kind item will go towards our Kids Racing for Life program.  Go to and for more details. 

October 2008

Moroso Motorports Park, now renamed Palm Beach International Raceway, is still undergoing renovations. We are excited about the grand opening of this facility in November.

October has really been a quiet month, but it is only the “calm before the storm”. November and December are shaping up to be really, really busy months, with 8 events scheduled in a 9 week period.

Stephen Zoeller is still having issues with his eyes. Please keep him in your prayers so that he can return in time for November’s events. God is a healer !!!

September 2008

Sep 4/6       10th Anniversary of Kids Racing for Life (KRFL) held with PBOC in Sebring. What a spectacular event. We had over 200 children and family members attend the 3 day event. They were all able to spend some time riding around the track in fully prepared race cars and high performance sports cars as well as meet all the drivers, crew, and track officials. We had a Christian magician, Allen Nye, entertain the families and held an awesome banquet at the track catered by the McGruff Organization in Sebring. There was also a special guest speaker, professional race car driver Justin Bell. Needless to say, a great time was held by all. For more information on this program, head on over to or Contributions are desperately needed for the 2009 event.


Sep 19/20      SARRC Invitational Championship race is held at Roebling Road in Savannah. Medical issues continue to plague Stephen Zoeller and forced him to miss this event for the first time in 15 years. He was truly missed and keeping him high on the prayer list is still a priority. In the championship race, I finished third in the race (which clenched second in the overall points championship) after being run off the track at nearly 115 mph. Not bad for only my second time on that track. The service held on Sunday afternoon was well attended and much appreciated by everyone who came. I love it when God fills the seats, anoints the message, and the glory of His work shows through. It reminds me of why we are here on this earth.

August 2008

Medical issues continue to plague Stephen Zoeller. Please keep him in prayer. We are forced to cancel our duties at the HSR race in Illinois due to medical issues and work conflicts.

August marks the first time I was able to race the infamous Daytona International Speedway. This section is normally reserved for ministry updates, but driving up on that banking at speed for first time, having spent so many years there as a spectator, really was a blessing from God and is worth highlighting. To God be the glory !!! What an incredible experience. I look forward to returning there as a racer someday soon.

July 2008

July was a bit slower than the previous months. With Moroso temporarily closed for renovations, we are able to get a little bit of a break from being on the road so much. God used this “idle” time to allow me to give my home church pastor a much needed break by filling in for him on Sunday services while he took a little vacation to spend time with his family.

Stephen Zoeller begins having problems with “dry eye” and is in need of prayer for some medical needs. God is a healer, even today….and as it says in the book of James: “the prayer of a righteous man is powerful and effective”

June 2008

Another really busy month for the ministry covering four motorsports events.

Stephen Zoeller travels up to Watkins Glen to support the HSR series while Mark Miller heads south to Homestead to support SCCA and PBOC events for two consecutive weekends, followed by a trip to Richmond, VA to support Indy Racing League Ministry and their Chaplain, Bob Hills. God is great !!! and by His guidance, we are reaching out to fans all over the East Coast.

May 2008

May was a busy month for the ministry. We were on the road 3 out of 4 weekends this month supporting racing events all over the South East.

Mark and Steve both attend their first Historic Sports Car Race (HSR) in Road Atlanta as the new official chaplains for that series. It was the first time Mark had been there since road racing motorcycles there back in the early 1990’s and the first time for Stephen Zoeller in quite a few years. We were well received as Chaplains and we look forward to continuing to build relationships and do God’s work within that racing community.

Derrick Orberg, communications worker for Racing Radios, is married on beautiful Daytona Beach by Chaplain Mark Miller.

April 2008

Victory over Vandalism campaign started - Some vandals broke into the storage area where ministry trailer and equipment was stored.  They broke into the trailer, senselessly destroyed nearly everything inside of it, destroyed the trailer, and a faster-pastor racecar that was also stored at the site.  Less than 2 weeks later, vandals broke into the area again and stole the ministry golf cart.  Estimated damages exceeded $25,000.  A significant setback to our 10th anniversary Kids Racing for Life event.

God always turns these bad events into good, especially when it glorifies His kingdom.   Less than a month after this tragey occurred, the ministry was on local news, radio stations, and in the newspapers.  The charity of those who saw and heard about the vandalism was incredible.  Through the generosity of many, we were able to replace the trailer, all of the contents inside, and even received a Porsche 944 racecar donated by the fine folks at PBOC as a replacement for the Faster-Pastor car that was destroyed.  

 March 2008

SERRMON travels up to Kershaw, South Carolina to Carolina Motorsports Park for the first time. What a beautiful facility and the new track changes really make the course more enjoyable to drive.

February 2008

Porsche Club of America (PCA) provides Christian religious services to their members at the 48 hours of Sebring event for the first time in the history of the organization. ZMM / SERRMON was blessed and honored to be the raceway ministry organization chosen to represent the Lord for this momentous occasion.

As a result of our ministry presence at the PCA 48 hours of Sebring event, Historic Sports Car Racing (HSR), asks for ZMM to come on board as their full time race series chaplains.

January 2008

Chaplain Stephen Zoeller becomes a board member of the National Fellowship of Raceway Ministries and is elected to the position of Director - Roadracing Ministries at the annual conference that was held in Las Vegas, Nevada.

December 2007

Palm Beach Mustang Club chooses ZMM’s Kids Racing for Life as their charity of choice for 2008.

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